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About Us

Morgan Construction, Inc. was founded by Jay Morgan in 1998, when he began offering concrete and asphalt cutting services to the Reno/Sparks metropolitan area. Since that time Jay has steadily grown the business to include all of Northern Nevada, and has added many new services it provides to handle his customers most difficult needs, and a vast array of applications. These services include, but are not limited to: core drilling, wall sawing, hand sawing, ring sawing, dragon sawing, electric flat sawing, concrete demo, and pour back. Most recently adding concrete scanning services through a sister company, which will provide his customers with yet another layer of service.

Jay Morgan, President
Jay had been cutting concrete and asphalt for various companies for over 12 years, when he decided to venture out on his own in 1998. Since founding Morgan Construction, Inc., Jay continued to work hands-on in the field to ensure that his customers received the quality of workmanship and a level of service that they could rely on from project to project. Jay took pride in being able to offer a quick response time, and accommodated his customers’ special needs in order to grow his business one happy customer at a time. As his business grew to more than what he could physically keep up with – he began purchasing saw trucks and hiring saw cutters in order to continue to grow his business. This allowed him to explore other services he could provide his customers.

Today, Jay oversees the daily operations of each department within the company: Sales, Field, Shop, and Office, to ensure that all areas are running efficiently and effectively. This ensures his customers that they will always receive the quality of workmanship and personal service that his business was founded on.

As President, Jay has a renewed vision for where he would like to take the company in the near future, and has never been afraid to try new cutting edge ideas to take him there. In order to make this happen, Jay works closely with his accountant, attorney, insurance agent, banker, and vendors to project his company’s future needs, and making sure that he doesn’t lose sight of what got him to where he is today.

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